Greetings Pulaski Chapter Members,

We hope that the membership renewal process is over and done with for another year, it is always a difficult process especially when we factor in the online renewals.  With online renewals we, at the Chapter level, have no idea who has renewed by online payment until we get a check from the state treasurer.  That process is usually not a speedy process and as we found this year contains errors.  We had a member of our Chapter who advised us he renewed online, but never got a confirmation of his renewal - it appears his renewal was credited to another member, but hopefully we have this corrected now.  We appreciate your patience with us during the renewal process as we are provided with a due date for our paperwork and payments so no member has to pay the late fee for renewal.  Until we have a check in hand from the renewing member or a check from the state treasurer, we have no idea who is renewing or leaving our Chapter.  This year we lost three members to nonrenewal.  With the economy as it is we are always concerned about losing members, we appreciate those of you who continue to stay with our Chapter - without you we would not exist.  We hope that with the new year we will have more members attending our meetings and supporting our Chapter.

A decision by the Board of Managers of the Chapter, after much contemplation, is to move our monthly meetings back to the third Tuesday of the month.  We received many concerns that Saturday morning was a very busy time for our members, thus the change back to the Third Tuesday of the month.  With that said, the next regular meeting of the Pulaski Chapter will be on Tuesday, March 19, 2024 at 7:00PM in the Pulaski Room of the Carroll County Veterans' Center.  The Chapter will continue to take July and December off from regular meetings as we have the July 4th Picnic and in December Christmas observances with our friends in the DAR.

Per Chapter tradition, the month of February is when we have our Annual Meeting to recognize our membership for service and years of membership.  This year on Saturday, February 24, 2024 we will have our Annual Meeting at the Olive Tree in Villa Rica.  Members and guests are encouraged to arrive at 12:30PM with lunch beginning at 1:00PM.  Members and guests should come prepared to take care of their own bill at the restaurant, and we will all order off the menu.  We hope our membership will turn out in large numbers for our lunch and recognition service.  Officers and members of the three DAR Chapters in our service area (Abraham Baldwin, James Stewart, and Sweetwater) are always invited to attend our Annual Meeting.  Please email or call Mike Campbell (770-832-2389) or Jim Swinson (770-537-5115) to confirm you will attend the Annual Meeting so we may advise the restaurant of the number of places to set.  Please call with your reservation number no later than Monday, February 19, 2024.

Thank you,


Dr. Mike Campbell Ed.D.,FSA Scot

Secretary/Treasurer, Pulaski Chapter SAR 

208 Shady Valley Drive 

Carrollton, Georgia 30116